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Guido Caneo Golf Academy in Rome


Guido Caneo Academy at Fioranello Golf in Rome

Whether you are a beginner taking your first few golf swings, or an experienced golfer looking to refine your game, Guido Caneo’s combination of technical analysis with simple and direct communication has been proven over many years to pay dividends for golfers of all skill levels.

You’re an individual, let your swing be individual too!

My teaching approach avoids standard methods claimed to be universally good for every player.

I believe that each of us is different, both physically and psychologically, and that to play good golf each player needs to find their own personal swing, both to achieve their full potential and to get the most from their own physique.

The teaching philosophy

one to one golf lessons in Rome

An understanding of the swing is the starting point from which golfer and tutor work together on the practice range. Training aids such as balance boards, training irons, smash-bags, tour strike, and many others may be used on the journey from understanding the swing, to understanding how to swing more effectively.

The teaching philosophy is always to try to transform technical concepts into images and sensations that give the golfer a simple way to understand and adapt swiftly to swing changes.

MySwing Professional 3D motion capture

3d swing analysis

Guido is always looking to have the latest and most innovative technology at his disposal to help students play better golf. He have taken this to the next level with the recent addition of MySwing Pro 3D and FlightScope radar doppler.

MySwing Golf is the world's leading full-body 3D motion capture analysis system for the golf swing. The MySwing Pro motion capture system combines wireless sensors with powerful software to capture and store swings in 3D for in-depth review and analysis. This is the same technology being used by the worlds best golfers.

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